General in game rules

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General in game rules

In order to allow all players to have peacefully on our servers, here are the rules to be respected
  • English is the Primary Language (All Players Welcomed)
    There is the /tell <name> command in the game to be able to talk to each other in private.

  • Be respectful
    Playing on our servers also commits you to adopt an appropriate behavior, all insults whatever the character is punished by the server team without notice.

  • Arguing with staff members will not be tolerated
    The members of the server team are players like you, we will not waste time finding compromises to inappropriate player behavior, we reserve the right to issue you a warning, temporary ban or permban.

  • Cheating/Hacking/Game mods
    No need to tell you that this is prohibited, any modifications to the UrbanTerror Engine that allow you to give yourself a significant advantage in the gameplay is strictly prohibited. The sanction is a permban without delay.

    You are a pro or a beginner and you just got a headshot from the other end of the map, don't immediately shout that the player in front of you is using cheat software, be sure to check before reporting. There is no point in screaming or crying, use it to improve yourself. If you have just started the game, be aware that this behavior will not improve your skill!

  • About Tks
    If you receive non-legitimate damage the bot or the team will take care of punishing the other player, on the other hand if for example you block the spawn, the players can afford to push you, that you will cause damage (blocking the exit of a spawn is punishable!).

  • Improve your sexy urban's skill
    Our servers are there to keep you entertained, of course we are listening to players to help us improve the gaming experience, any constructive comments are welcome.

  • Advertise
    SexyUrban is not a clan but can be viewed as a community, we allow advertising for clan recruitment on our servers without excess. On the other hand we do not tolerate the advertisements for the other servers including for the clans, you could be banned for this reason.

  • Common sense
    This must be the main rule for everything to work well, remember that Urban Terror is still a game and we all aim to have fun.

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